Winter Excursion Destinations

Also during Winter there are numerous places to visit and discover. 

Nassfeld - 12 km

In only 12 kms by car from our apartments, you will find yourself in Nassfeld – Carinthia’s largest ski region! With over 110kms of well prepared ski pistes, suitable for all the family, you will enjoy unforgettable skiing. 

In addition the well laid out infrastructure provides a full range of sporting and leisure opportunities off piste. 

>> to Nassfeld

Weissensee - 30 km

In Winter the Weissensee lake freezes to form the largest expanse of natural ice (6.5km²) . Nowhere else will you find 25km of runs for skaters and walkers, which allow you to enjoy the unique and peaceful landscape. 

All ice skaters will find perfect conditions with plenty of space and no overcrowding. 

>> to Weissensee lake


Lesach Valley - 60 km

Switch off, wander and enjoy an ‘off-line’ holiday experience in a valley with a wealth of nature. During the winter months there are numerous things to do: cross country skiing, ski tours, snow shoe rambling etc. Discover our beautiful scenery and keep fit at the same time. 

>> to Lesach Valley 

Villach - 36 km

A pulsating and vibrant city with views either side in to blue water and green woodland/countryside. This is what characterises this dynamic and exciting city in the heart of Carinthia. It has acquired the enviable trend setting reputation for flair, charm and antiquity. This makes it a great day out to experience Carinthia’s famous love of life under a Mediterranean sunshine. Get in to the zone and experience strolling through the city, picking off the shops, sample the regional cuisine and take in the history and culture – making an unforgettable experience. 

>> to Villach 

Venice - 240 km

Venice continues to inspire both the traveller and the artist. Holidaymakers can visit the historic palaces, take a ride on a gondolier, or swim in the Lido. This city of world-renown is only a short hop from our sites and is in the north east of Italy, stretching across the mainland and the network of islands that form part of the Adriatic Lagoon.

>> to Venice 

Nockberg Mountains - 70 kms

The Nockberg region can offer a multitude of options. There are 4 ski resorts – Turracher Höhe, Hochrindl, Innerkrems and Falkert, all offering perfect skiing with modern lifts. This year there are three new descents at the Turracher Höhe. The favourite characters out of children’s programme Heidi await you in Falkert to provide a fun filled learning experience in the snow.

>> to the Nockberg Mountains

Klagenfurt - 75 km

Klagenfurt is the southernmost regional capital city of Austria with some 100,000 inhabitants. It is the historic, commercial and cultural heart of Carinthia. It draws visitors from well outside Carinthia’s borders and is an important part of the Alpe-Adria Trading Zone.

>> to Klagenfurt

Tarvisio Market - 35 km

Only a short distance from the Austrian border ther is the Italian Tarvisio. With numerous restaurants, bars and the typical Italian charme, it invites you to stay.
For the shopaholic the market halls of Tarvisio are a must, with a huge range of clothing and leather goods - chance to practice your bartering skills! You can also buy groceries, traditional specialities and souvenirs.

>> to Tarvisio 


Pyramidenkogel - 70 km

100m wooden tower, worming its way skywards with breathtaking views. Take in the beautiful panorama which includes the Carinthian mountains, Lake Wörth, and the 4 lake valley of Keutschach. The upper platform provides a 360? view of sparkling lakes, surrounded by soft rolling hills and the peaks of the Karawanken mountians.

>> to Pyramidenkogel