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Site Operator and Publisher: 
SCHLUGA Ges.m.b.H., 9620 Hermagor, Obervellach 15
Managing Director: Mag. Norbert Schluga jun.

Tel.: +43 4282 2051
Fax: +43 4282 2051 20
E-mail: camping(at)

Company Registration Nr.: 95166a, LG Klagenfurt
UID Nr.: ATU26689205

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infrastil* Agency for internet und above-the-line communication media,


Picture Copyright:    
SCHLUGA archives, Region Hermagor/Gailtal, MEDIA CONCEPT agency, Wörthersee Tourismus GmbH pictures archives

© Carinthia Advertising, photographers:
Franz Gerdl
Edward Gröger


Disclaimer Statement on behalf of SCHLUGA Ges.m.b.H:

1. Content: 
SCHLUGA Ges.m.b.H, herinafter referred to as the site operator, does not guarantee the accuracy of information displayed, including its completeness, currency or quality, which extends to and includes any downloads. All claims made against the site operator, whether pertaining to actual material loss or perceived disadvantage, originating through the use of such inaccurate or incomplete information, is absolutely and categorically excluded, unless there has been a previous proven instance of wilful and grossly negligent behaviour, which has been upheld in a court of law. The operator reserves the right to change any/all content and offer details or conditions without prior notice , and to decide how such changes are to be communicated or not. The operator‘s decision on all such matters is final. 

2. Referrals and Links: 
Whether through direct or indirect referrals to other websites (known as "Hyperlinks"), which are outside the span of operational control of the operator, liability is only recognised in those instances where the operator has knowledge of the content and has the technical capability and relevant permissions to ban the content and stop the use of illegal information. The operator states herewith categorically that at the time the link was created, there were no known instances of illegal content . The operator has no influence over the accuracy or copyright of said content on such links. As a consequence the operator specifically excludes any liability regarding the accuracy, currency or specific detail expressed or displayed on such linked websites, including subsequent changes and any related downloads. This statement covers all internet content and links, including content in operator visitor books, review sites and discussion forums, and mailing lists. The person/persons operating such sites are solely responsible for all inaccurate, illegal or incomplete content and for all resulting claims for material loss, whether actual or perceived, and not the operator, who has used such links within his own website in good faith.

3. Copyright and Trademarks:
The operator has made every effort to attribute copyright in all instances where they have used graphic images, photos, recordings, videos and printed material, and where possible to use material that is in the open domain and free of any licence or permissions. All internet content has been acknowledged as appropriate, which includes the use of trademarks owned by a third party. The acknowledgement of copyright on all websites in the public domain remain the sole responsibility of the individual website operators. The proliferate use or reproduction of any such material on the operator’s webspace, whether in the electronic or printed space without the specific permission of the operator is expressly forbidden.  

4. The legal validity of this disclaimer: 
This disclaimer is to be taken in the context of the overall Online Offering, which have been central to overall Schluga GmbH disclaimer statement. Parts of this statement or the formulation thereof, that may not fully meet all current legal requirements, do not in any way dilute the overall intention and purpose of this disclaimer, that continues to remain in full force.